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Women’s Supercars Club Shines at Autobello Barcelona 2023, Claims Prestigious Trophy
27 Nov 2023

The spirit of automotive excellence, elegance, and celebration converged at Autobello Barcelona 2023, where the Women’s Supercars Club made an indelible mark. The event, more than just a classic car exhibition, unfolded as a grand celebration featuring a plethora of captivating experiences—spanning from a special reception to Spanish wines, exhibitions, an open bar, dinner, a concert, and an exhilarating midnight fiesta.

The Autobello spectacle stands apart as a uniquely curated event, combining spontaneity with meticulous planning, offering a platform for companies to showcase their latest products amidst a backdrop of opulence and enthusiasm.

This year, the Women’s Supercars Club made a grand entrance, arriving with over 30 supercars that dazzled attendees. Among these exquisite vehicles were classic gems, including one of the automotive world’s most exclusive, the iconic Lamborghini Countach, symbolizing a fusion of heritage and modernity on wheels.

The event wasn’t just about showcasing exceptional vehicles; it was a stage where enthusiasts flaunted their supercars, stylish motorcycles, military vehicles, unique one-offs, and sports classics. Each attendee meticulously displayed their automotive prowess and style, presenting their best moves—a harmonious fusion of cars and timepieces—before a discerning, white-gloved jury.

At the culmination of an enchanting evening, amidst the vibrant atmosphere, accolades were bestowed upon the finest participants. Among the distinguished awards, the coveted Copa de Oro Autobello-SMQ, recognizing excellence in both watches and cars, stood as the pinnacle of achievement.

In an electrifying moment, the Women’s Supercars Club was honored with this prestigious trophy, a testament to the club’s dedication to automotive sophistication and elegance. Their presence and participation left an indelible impression, showcasing not just a passion for supercars but an unwavering commitment to the celebration of automotive finesse.

Text: Ariadna Nuez

Pictures: Pablo Thielen





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